Quick Draw Zephyr Sawyer Stand Up Paddle – Sawyer Paddles

Quick Draw Zephyr Sawyer Stand Up Paddle – Sawyer Paddles

This slender and light Quick Draw Zephyr Sawyer Stand Up Paddle is known for its durability and is preferred by distance paddlers. The Quick Draw carbon fiber shaft serves as an innovative adjustable supplement and completes what is considered one of the most versatile and sophisticated SUP paddles available.

This paddle is perfect for stand up paddle boarders who usually use their SUP for flat water paddling, but will take the long distances occasionally. In other words, the paddle is ideal for exercisers. Light and durable, the Zephyr blade is designed for higher cadence paddlers, but the adjustable SUP paddle shaft allows for the paddle to be altered to perfect length for the user, and makes for easier storage and transportation.

Weight: 29.125 ounces
Blade Dimensions: 17.5" length by 8.5” width
Paddle Length: On the fly adjustable from 63" to 90"

Sawyer's multi-dimensional approach, philosophy and attention to detail yield superior looks and a toughness that many SUP paddle manufacturers ignore in favor of focusing on a single dimension in paddle construction, like weight. The balance of un-compromised toughness and weight and uncommon attention to craft and beauty distinguish Sawyer as the premier stand up paddle on the market. SUP paddles tend to be separated into two categories: wooden or carbon fiber stand up. Sawyer has found a way to take advantage of both forms and produce expert and innovative results that place their paddles above almost all other SUP paddle manufacturers.

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