Werner Carve SUP Paddle

Werner Carve SUP Paddle

The Werner Carve Stand Up Paddle is a smaller sized and slender blade with an adjustable length that makes for the ideal choice for excellent and diverse surfing and maneuvering. Constructed using fiberglass laminate, this dependable and durable stand up paddle is designed with a smaller blade so as to be gentle on the joints and enforce a quicker cadence and more accurate turning and surfing without adding to the weight of the board. The adjustable fiberglass shaft’s oval indexed shape is useful for both surfing and flat water, and so therefore is perfect for someone who may want to switch back and forth between the sports. It also includes constructing comfortable grips, maintaining a tough durability and perseverance, and pushing forward into innovative new territories like the newly patented Adjustable Ferrule System. Finally, it is very important to maintain a sense of balance in the paddle, to create a whole that is adaptable to specific people and their individual styles of paddling. All you have to do is adjust the button lock, which can be changed to four different lengths at one and a half inch intervals. The blade is designed with laminated fiberglass, and measures out to 19 inches long by 7.3 inches wide. The ABS palm-style grip handle gives the surfer a comfortable and specific place to put the hand and control the paddle with perfect precision. In total, the symmetrical Werner Carve Stand Up Paddle is 101 square inches of efficient paddling.

Small-size blade for better surfing and turning
Smaller blade is gentle on joints, allows for faster strokes
Oval index shaft
Palm-style grip for controlled strokes
Adjustable shaft is good for both touring and surfing
Color choice of Blue or Orange

Blade Specs:
Laminated fiberglass
19" x 7.3"
101 sq in

Shaft Specs:
Oval index shape
ABS palm-grip
Four length adjustable, 1-1/2" increments

Werner’s design employees and production team pour their pride into some of the finest handcrafted canoe, kayak, and stand up paddles of the world. The workmanship, quality, pride, and attention given to the paddles in order to guarantee a fun and safe time on the water is evident with every stroke. Werner appreciates the support and commitment of their customers to their handcrafted paddles, and shows it by putting every bit of creative energy and determined enthusiasm they have into craftsmanship and construction.

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