Riviera PRO Danny Ching SUP Paddle

Riviera PRO Danny Ching SUP Paddle

The dihedral shape of the Riviera PRO Danny Ching, made of Carbon Fiber, reinforces the stability of the paddle with every stroke across the water. This Riviera paddle is lightweight paddle with the power to endure force with a smaller blade that allows for faster paddle speed. The blade length is 17.5 inches, while the width is 8.5 inches. The total weight of the paddle is approximately eighteen ounces uncut, including the handle, and the angle of the blade is ten degrees.

Blade Length: 17.5"
Blade Width: 8.5"
Total Paddle Weight: 18 oz. (approx.- uncut w/ handle)
Angle of Blade: 10°

Danny Ching, who is a resident of Redondo Beach in California, paddled into the record books when he won the Steinlager Kaiwi Channel Solo OC1 World Championship, making him the first ever non-Hawaiian paddler to win the thirty two mile race from Molokai to Oahu. Ching finished the competition in three hours, thirty eight minutes and fifty one seconds, which is the second fastest time in the entire eighteen year history of the race. This also leaves him only forty eight seconds short of beating the record.

When he was as young as twenty two, Ching was the number one in California and number three in the world in the most popular outrigger category of the competition: one-man. One man riggers are well known for being twice the speed of a kayak, and Ching took the opportunity to move quickly in his progress in the sport. He learned from his father, a Hawaiian native named Al Ching, who had started the local Lanakala Outrigger Canoe Club, which is now the largest outrigger canoe club in California with more than three hundred members.

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