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Whiskey Jane SUP Paddle – Whiskey Jack | standuppaddles.net

Whiskey Jane SUP Paddle – Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jane SUP Paddle – Whiskey Jack

Designed with a seven inch blade, the Whiskey Jane Wood SUP paddle, is smaller than most. Constructed for women and kids specifically (but really for anyone), the blade size does come with a power trade-off but also makes the paddle much easier and more manageable to handle and control. The best way to choose whether you might want a smaller paddle is to look at your own strength. Sometimes paddlers choose a smaller blade because they want quicker pace as opposed to fewer but more forceful strokes. The Jane wood SUP paddle is purposely lightweight, especially in comparison with other wood paddles, weighing in at only twenty seven ounces. The blade is sixteen inches long by seven and a quarter inch wide, and the total paddle length (uncut) is seventy four inches.

Weight: 27.875 ounces
Blade Dimensions: 16" length by 7.25” width
Paddle Length: 68"-84"
Shaft Shape: Oval, perpendicular to blade
Construction: Handcrafted, multilayer cedar wood construction. Blade reinforced by fiberglassing.

The Ergonomic t-bar wood SUP hand grip has a natural, ergonomically designed mold that fits the palm of your hand the way nothing else but wood can. The effect that a hand-grip can have on the total experience of stand up paddling can be surprising and must be experienced in order to be fully understood. Having a good hand grip will significantly reduce hand fatigue during your more extended stand up paddle boarding trips.

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