Werner Advantage SUP Paddle

Werner Advantage SUP Paddle

The smooth and powerful Werner Advantage SUP Paddle with premium laminate fiberglass construction and a balanced, tear-drop shaped mid-sized blade is best for straight ahead tracking. The fiberglass laminate blade is mid-sized, with a length of 19 inches and a width of 8.75 inches, which fits the maximum range of potential for SUP paddlers. Having a smaller blade allows for a faster stroke and is gentle on the joints. The slender shape of the blade is constructed to reduce torque, also a slight spoon at the tip of the blade which allows for a clean catch across the water. The fiberglass oval index shaft gives you good control, superior comfort and is lightweight while still maintaining a certain stiffness, durability, and toughness. This ABS palm-style grip is comfortable and gives you deep, precise, guided strokes. Werner's bomber durability does not compromise the light weight of the paddle. The Werner Advantage SUP Paddle features continuous weave fiberglass and a dihedral for smooth forward strokes.

Surface Area-111 sq in
Blade Length x Width-19 x 8.75 in
Weight 27oz-31oz

Mid-size blade reduces torque for less fatigue
Gives improved straight ahead efficiency
Oval index shaft
Palm-style grip for controlled strokes
Adjustable shaft is good for both touring and surfing

Continuous-weave fiberglass blade
Hydrodynamic shape & dihedral back
19" x 8.75" (111 sq. inches)
7º degree bend
1-piece continuous weave fiberglass shaft
Oval indexing
Ergonomic ABS palm grip
Avg. weight: 29 oz.
Handcrafted in Sultan, WA
1-year manufacturer warranty
MPN- AD 1 F43 76

Werner's design employees and production team pour their pride into some of the finest handcrafted canoe, kayak, and stand up paddles of the world. The workmanship, quality, pride, and attention given to the paddles in order to guarantee a fun and safe time on the water is evident with every stroke.

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