Riviera SPROUT SUP Paddle – Danny Ching Signature Series

Riviera SPROUT SUP Paddle – Danny Ching Signature Series

The Riviera Sprout Stand up paddle, is a slightly smaller and scaled down version of the Danny Ching Pro SUP Paddle, was designed to be a better fit for women and children. It features a 16.5 inch long and 7 ¾ inch wide blade, a whole inch smaller than the original Riviera Pro Model Paddle both ways. The shaft is thinner as well, and the total SUP paddle weight comes in at only 19 ounces, and that’s before you cut it to personal size. The angle of the paddle blade is 10 degrees and the circumference of the shaft is 8.75 centimeters.

Blade Length: 16.5"
Blade Width: 7 3/4"
Total Paddle Weight: 19 oz. (approx.- uncut w/ handle)  It will be lighter once you cut it to your personal size.
Angle of Blade: 10
Circumference of Shaft: 8.75cm

Danny Ching was exposed by his father Al to the sport of paddling at the young age of 11. He would eventually became an exceptional athlete in high school, earning Most Valuable Player honors in water polo, swimming and soccer. In 1970, Al would find the Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Clubin Redondo Beach, where it is now the biggest outrigger club in California.
When Danny is not training for a competition or competijng in one, he’sworking as a lifeguard instructor for Los Angeles County in the Junior Guards program in El Segundo, or coaching outrigger junior and men’s teams. As a very busy man, Danny has stated publicly that he has no intention to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games, despite the fact he has many colleagues and friends on the team.

When he was as young as twenty two, Ching was the number one in California and number three in the world in the most popular outrigger category of the competition: one-man. One man riggers are well known for being twice the speed of a kayak, and Ching took the opportunity to move quickly in his progress in the sport.

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