Kanaha Elite Racer by QuickBlade

Kanaha Elite Racer by QuickBlade

Kanaha Elite Racer SUP Paddle, is the most popular paddle. No surprise since it’s extremely lightweight thanks to its all-carbon fiber construction and also has earned a reputation for its strength, durability and versatility. The blade of this paddle has been thoughtfully designed to maximize all four phases of the stroke. The slightly curved tip makes for a clean, fast catch. A slight dihedral contour on the face keeps the blade from twisting.

specs: All Carbon Fiber, ABS Edge, All Carbon Handle, Dihedral Edge

Blade Length: 16", 17", 18"
Blade Width: 8.3", 8.7", 9"
Weight:16.2 oz., 16.4 oz., 16.6 oz.
Blade Area: 90 sq. in, 100 sq. in, 110 sq. in
Angle of Blade: 10°

Quickblade is the brainchild of Jim Terrell,a four time Olympic Canoeist (in fact, he has endless National and International awards and titles). His passion for building the finest competition paddles began at the ripe age of 11 in his father's garage in Milford, Ohio.

To this day, Jim is obsessed with hydrodynamics and has decades of experience with scientifically testing paddle mechanics and strain gage force analysis, and has an extensive background in composite technology applications. In layman's terms, the more Jim puts into it, the more you'll get out of it.

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