Bonzai Zephyr Carbon Fiber-Wood SUP Paddle – Sawyer Paddles

Bonzai Zephyr Carbon Fiber-Wood SUP Paddle – Sawyer Paddles

The Bonzai Zephyr Carbon/Wood SUP Paddle is about as tough as carbon fiber stand-up paddles get. This was the first product introduced when leading canoe and kayak paddle company Sawyer first forayed into the SUP paddle market. Forty years of experience told them that a longer shaft (which attracts greater force) and potentially threatening surf environment warranted a virtually indestructible and yet lightweight paddle. The result, the Bonzai Zephyr carbon/wood stand up paddle, is an ideal marriage of form and function- it is visually stunning, lightweight, and tougher than the competition.

The carbon/wood SUP paddle achieves its strength by leveraging the best qualities of wood with composite paddle construction. The shaft of the Bonzai Zephyr stand up paddle effectively uses a wood core surrounded in a sleeve of carbon, a clever alternative to popular techniques of using a hollow carbon sleeve or a foam core. The carbon/wood fusion adds little weight while boosting the strength of the shaft significantly. The blade features fiberglass, carbon fiber, laminated wood, and a Dynel Tough Edge around the perimeter of the blade for durability. This is the go-to paddle if your chief concern is balancing toughness and a light weight.

Weight: 38.875 ounces
Blade Dimensions: 17.5" length by 8.5” width
Paddle Length: U-cut that is adjustable down 6". Starts at 84"

For more than 30 years Sawyer Paddles & Oars has offered wood and wood/composite paddles and oars for; stand-up paddlers, canoes, kayaks, whitewater rafts, driftboats, dories and general boating. That history allows us to offer the innovative, lightweight yet durable designs.

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