Big Mama Kalama – QUICKBLADE

Big Mama Kalama – QUICKBLADE

The Big Mama Kalama Dave Kalama Signature Stand Up Paddle, much like the Kanaha All-Carbon paddle, is constructed with full carbon fiber, and takes up a full one hundred twenty square inches in surface area, all the while maintaining the light weight and strength necessary for Pure Paddle Power. The paddle is made from all carbon fiber and has a carbon handle, and is eighteen inches long and ten inches across, weighing in a twenty ounces. The Quickblade Big Mama Kalama SUP Paddle is the perfect and essential paddle for those of us who love the big waves and heavy surf and are looking for a board as strong as the water it’s tested in. Balancing a lightweight construction, which permits productive and easy strokes, and the toughness and strength of a stable, performance-oriented board creates the ideal paddle for the roughest and toughest of surfers.

All Carbon Fiber
ABS Edge
All Carbon Handle
120 sq. in. Blade

Blade Length: 18"
Blade Width:10"
Weight:20 oz.
Blade Area:120 sq. in
Angle of Blade:10°

Big Mama Kalama SUP Paddle that will save you when you’ve got to move without a second to spare. Constructed and designed in affiliation with Dave Kalama (an all around big brada, legendary on the waterman), this paddle is not made for the amateurs. If you are a big guy who needs a Stand up paddle to match his strength and power stroke then the Big Mama Kalama is for you. All of your muscle and force will transfer smoothly instead of slipping or damaging the paddle. The hook and pull of the paddle will bring surprising and satisfying results for those who can handle it. For a paddle you can give all your strength, with no worries, check out Big Mama.

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