Tower Ultralight Carbon Fiber SUP paddle

Tower Ultralight Carbon Fiber SUP paddle

Weighing out to only twenty one and a half ounces (when cut at eighty inches length-wise), the Tower Ultralight Carbon Fiber SUP paddle is incredibly durable for its ultra light weight and superior construction. It also is just a killer good deal: designed and constructed in the same factory as other SUP paddles in retail stores that sell for two hundred fifty or three hundred bucks, the Tower Ultralight Carbon Fiber SUP paddle sells for only one hundred eighty dollars because there is no wholesale plus retail markup through distribution.

The blade has a width of 9.25 inches and a length of 16 inches, and the attachment point for the blade is six inches up the shaft. This makes the stress point of the paddle a hard surface, as opposed to being a joint. The face of the blade is angled forward ten degrees and cups back a little bit near the bottom. The blade is designed with a bottom edge that is slightly flattened and a teardrop shape.

Weight: 21.5 ounces
Blade Dimensions: 9.25" wide by 16" deep
Construction: Carbon Fiber

Unlike most other stand-up paddle companies that seek to add a carbon fiber paddle to their line up, Tower does not skimp on the quality by getting cheap materials. Be careful of discounted board/paddle combos, or bundles at lower rates. They tend to be thin, weak boards that snap quickly and can strand paddlers out in the water. Instead of cutting costs in materials and the quality of our resources, we cut costs by selling tough and high quality ultralight SUP paddles.

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