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Pohaku 1pc SUP paddle, C4 Waterman

Pohaku Carbon 1pc Stand Up Paddle

Pohaku Carbon 1pc Stand Up Paddle

The ultra-light and tough Pohaku 1pc SUP paddle, by c4-waterman-sup-paddles" ">C4 Waterman, is 100% carbon fiber with a 8.5-inch blade. This SUP Pohaku Beachboy SUP carbon fiber paddle is for your dedicated Waterman. The paddle has an exceptional stiffness and lightness and a smooth swing due to its high graphite content. This dynamic allows for a stroke recovery will take less effort and ultimately be less fatiguing. Like many other C4 paddles, the paddle has an oval shaft design and a keel-shaped blade neck. C4 Waterman designed the Pohaku Carbon Fiber Paddle as a stand-up paddle.  The shape of a blade encourages you to cut a straight line with your strokes, and the keel shape of the blade neck helps you have a clarified sense of balance and direction as well. The front of the nine-inch blade has a curved face, which makes skimming the blade across the water easier and discourages a choppy flow of the paddle across the water. The 100% carbon fiber SUP paddle design creates a uniquely stiff and yet remarkably light SUP paddle. The stand up paddle comes uncut so you can cut it down to your size (seven inches taller than your height). The ergonomically shaped hand grip should be glued on to the shaft after trimming down the height.

Shaft Material: carbon fiber
Blade Material: carbon fiber
Overall Length: 86 in
Blade Width: 8.5 in
Shaft Shape: straight, oval
Weight: 1 lb 12 oz
Recommended Use: stand-up paddling
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

If you are a serious SUP paddler and want the highest quality carbon fiber SUP paddle, C4 Pohaku Beachboy Paddles offers designs that are 100% carbon with specially designed palm grips, functional blades and oval shafts. C4 Waterman Pohaku Beachboy SUP Paddles are lightweight, tough, well-tested and utilizedby Hawaii's greatest pioneers of the sport of stand-up paddling. These are stand-up paddles made by enthusiastic stand-up paddlers.

Price: $334.95
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