C4 SUP Carbon Paddle 12K HD 8″ Blade – C4 Waterman

C4 SUP Carbon Paddle 12K HD 8″ Blade – C4 Waterman

This C4 Stand Up Paddle Carbon 12K Heavy-Duty 1 piece stand-up paddle is ultra-durable, beautiful, and weighs a mere 24 oz. The stand up paddle has a solid 12K "checkerboard" weave carbon blade and a large oval carbon shaft for smooth power transfer . Using carbon for both the shaft and the 8" carbon blade produces great flex and power, and also guarantees good balance for stand up paddle surfing. The smaller blade makes it easier to control than larger width blades, and features C4's sup paddle patent pending dihedral keel power face for productive, fluid strokes. The c4 sup paddle also features a 12K carbon palm grip and has a C4 logo on the front and a Pohakuman logo on the powerface. It comes with a grip color option, is and the stand up paddle is adjustable to all lengths below 87 inches, and has an accessory option. The manufacturer gives a one year limited warranty.

Carbon shaft for smooth power transfer
12K carbon 8-inch blade is easier to control than our larger width blades
Less tendency to bang the rail of your board
It doesn't pull you off balance when you take a stroke

12K carbon palm grip
Oval carbon shaft
8" patent pending keel-faced 100% 12k carbon blade.
Weight: 24 oz.
Length: Up to 87 inches.

"A lot of people think that C4 is a stand-up company. It's not a stand-up company, it's a company based on a lifestyle. What we cherish is the Hawaiian value system, things like friendship and family. C4 stands for the core four things that we believe in: Balance, Endurance, Strength and Tradition; four things we need to use in life. Balance is not just physical balance, it's mental balance, spiritual balance, and the roles we balance in life. Endurance: being able to outlast challenges: physical, mental, economic. Strength and tradition go hand in hand. Strong tradition. Our background, in being from Hawaii, whether by blood or by heart, means that tradition is at the heart of what we portray.These values are what we are marketing, not boards. Respect the land, respect the ocean, respect your friends, neighbors, whoever is around. It's not about flying a logo, it's about flying the core values and that's the message we want to spread to all in our extended ohana."-Brian Keaulana

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