C4 Stand Up 1-Piece Carbon 8.5″ – C4 Waterman

C4 Stand Up 1-Piece Carbon 8.5″ – C4 Waterman

Unlike most "flat-styled" Stand up paddles, the C4 Waterman Stand Up paddle 1-Piece is specifically designed for SUP paddle surfing, complete with new keel-shaped blade neck on the powerface of the 100% SUP carbon fiber blade. This blade neck helps to steer the stand up paddle straight and minimizes rail banging when taking on the rough strides of the waves. The widest point of the blade reaches down deep into the water for a more productive stroke, and the "flowing curved face" of the SUP blade supports an easy glide across the water on hard turns. This is different than most flat-blade canoe paddles, which typically catch when skimming along the water. At a mere 23 oz., this 8.5" SUP paddle still packs in power despite it's light weight, and is easier to control than many larger paddles. That means you are less likely to bang the rail of your SUP board or catch yourself off balance when you take your strokes. With less blade to manage when you are riding the waves, you can count on a smooth ride even through the toughest of waters. The stand up paddle features an oval shaped carbon shaft, a carbon palm grip, a grip color option and an accessory option, along with the manufacturer’s one year limited warranty. C4 Waterman Team Ride and Co-Founder Todd Bradley uses this paddle when he’s out stand-up paddling

The 8.5" keel-shaped blade width provides plenty of power
Easier to control than our larger width blades
Less tendency to bang the rail of your board
It doesn't pull you off balance when you take a stroke
Less blade to manage when you are riding the waves
Many grip colors to choose from
This is the paddle that C4 Team Rider and Co-Founder Todd Bradley uses
Manufacturer One year limited warranty

Carbon palm grip
Oval carbon shaft
8.5" patent pending keel-faced 100% carbon blade.
Weight: 23 oz.
Length: Up to 86"

"Our background, in being from Hawaii, whether by blood or by heart, means that tradition is at the heart of what we portray. It's not about flying a logo, it's about flying the C4 core values and that's the message we want to spread to all in our extended ohana." - Brian Keaulana

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