C4 Bamboo Laminate HD Stand Up Paddle 8″ Blade

C4 Bamboo Laminate HD Stand Up Paddle 8″ Blade

This is a heavy duty C4 Bamboo laminated SUP paddle that comes in dark, striped and light colors. It is a beautiful, tough paddle that weighs less than 30 oz. and features a beefed up SUP carbon fiber paddle shaft and a durable wood laminate SUP 8-inch paddle blade. The blade has C4"s patent pending dehedral keel power face for strong and smooth strokes through the water. By utilizing good balance, sturdy defense against banging, smooth power transfer and a smaller width blade (which makes it easier to control than larger boards), the finished paddle is a superior product. The paddle comes in dark, striped and light bamboo, C4 logo on the front and Pohakuman logo on the power face, also the manufacturer gives a one year limited warranty.

Strong fiberglass shaft for smooth power transfer
Bamboo laminate 8-inch blade is easier to control than our larger width blades
Less tendency to bang the rail of your board
It doesn't pull you off balance when you take a stroke
Manufacturer One year limited warranty

Fiberglass palm grip
Oval fiberglass shaft
8" patent pending keel-faced 100% bamboo laminate blade.
Weight: 30 oz.
Length: Up to 87 inches.

"Our background, in being from Hawaii, whether by blood or by heart, means that tradition is at the heart of what we portray. It's not about flying a logo, it's about flying the C4 core values and that's the message we want to spread to all in our extended ohana." - Brian Keaulana

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