Werner Nitro SUP Paddle

Werner Nitro SUP Paddle

The Werner Nitro Stand Up Paddle features an extended but narrow blade design for dynamic surfing and turns. Having a smaller blade is also gentle on the joints and provides superior cadence. This paddle is designed for an optimal experience out in the ocean water and straight-forward efficiency. You’ll find yourself in more control (and more comfort) than with other paddles because of the palm-style T-grip. The Werner Nitro SUP Paddle features a two-piece oval-shaped carbon fiber shaft, which allows for four and a half inches of adjustability. The Performance Core carbon fiber blade is filled with foam, which makes it buoyant and lightweight, while still maintaining toughness and durability. The length of the blade is 19 inches while the width is 7.3 inches. The total square inches of the paddle is 101.

Small size blade reduces torque for less fatigue
Gives improved straight ahead efficiency
Oval index shaft
Palm-style grip for controlled strokes
Adjustable shaft is good for both touring and surfing

Blade Specs:
Foam core carbon fiber
Size: 19" x 7.3" (46 x 19 cm)
101 sq in (652 sq cm)

Shaft Specs:
Carbon Fiber
Oval index shape
ABS palm-grip
4.5" adjustability in 1-1/2" increments

It was forty-seven years ago when Werner Furrer Sr. decided to start designing and building his own kayak paddles in his garage for his family to use when taking on the waters of the Pacific North West. Now Werner Paddle, located not far from where the first paddle was built by Werner in Sultan, Washington, stands for high-quality goods built by the most careful paddle experts. Werner appreciates the support and commitment of their customers to their handcrafted paddles, and shows it by putting every bit of creative energy and determined enthusiasm they have into craftsmanship and construction.

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