Stendy – C4 Paddles – Adjustable Paddle 8″ Blade

Stendy – C4 Paddles – Adjustable Paddle 8″ Blade

This adjustable C4 Stendy Paddle has an 8" blade and makes the entire SUP experience easier, as the paddler does not have to buy a board with a specific blade length but instead can adjust and share with friends or family. The paddle is adjustable from 60” to 85” blade length. You can even adjust the length while surfing! You twist the top part of the shaft counterclockwise a bit and then move the shaft up or down to adjust the length. Then you twist it clockwise and it’s set in place. If I want to knee paddle, just twist, turn and now it’s 60” long. Time to stand up to get back out, now it’s 77”. Time to go in and paddle for a while, adjust and go paddle, no worries. This thing has endless possibilities. The minimum length is 60” and max is 82”. The handle is made of foam and fiberglass, and it may ding your board if you fall on it hard enough (But any paddle will ding your board.) The drain plug is cool because you can fill it with water and then shoot water out of it like a super soaker. It shoots pretty far. This paddle comes with a one manufacturer year limited warranty, a free option bag and an optional cover grip for an extra twenty dollars.

Adjustable for those tall and short
Smooth adjustment, even while surfing
High energy, flex-memory fiberglass shaft
Ball grip for universal alignment with blade
Manufacturer One year limited warranty

Shaft length can be set to anything from 60" to 85".
Fiberglass shaft, durable yet light
8" blade
Smooth adjustment
Weight 28 oz.

Endurance stands for an ability to withstand and prevail physical, economic, or mental struggles. Innovation is important to C4 as well, and so is competition and community interaction.

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