Spanker 2-piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle- Werner

Spanker 2-piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle- Werner

The Spanker 2-piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle is perfect paddle for folks that tour as well as surf. The Spanker's Performance Core blade is buoyant, lightweight, and quiet. The mid-size tear drop shape offers gentle power and a smooth easy stroke. With its ribless back you're assured smooth sculling strokes. The Spanker is great for SUP paddlers wanting immediate power with low smooth strokes or experienced paddlers wanting the most power for every stroke. The 2-piece adjustable SUP paddle shaft telescopes to four different length settings, making it the choice for both covering distance and playing in the surf. Ovalized indexing and an ergonomic ABS palm grip ensure a good hand fit and controlled strokes. The Spanker Carbon 2-piece adjustable stand up paddle is the choice for those SUP paddlers that want to do it all!

74 - 78.5" is perfect for folks under 6'
78 - 82.5" is perfect for folks over 6'

Spanker 2-piece Adjustable SUP Paddle by Werner Paddles
Performance Core blade
Carbon weave teardrop shape
19.5" x 9.25" (106 sq inches)
12º bend
Slight spoon shape & dihedral back
Dynel trim
2-piece adjustable carbon shaft
Length telescopes w/ 4 settings
Corrosion-resistant push pin
Oval indexing
Ergonomic ABS palm grip
Avg. Weight: 25 oz
Handcrafted in Sultan, WA
1-year manufacturer warranty
Sku: SA 2 C23 ADJ 78-82.5

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