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Archive for August 31st, 2011

2011 Kailua Bay Ironman Challenge

The 16th annual “Kailua Bay Men’s Iron Challenge” was held at Kailua Canoe Club & Hawthorne Pacific on
Saturday August 27, 2011. The challenge was held at the famous Kailua Beach Park with a 13.5 mile course for the Open Men’s Division along with a 9.5 mile course for the 18 & under, Novice, 40+, 50+ 55+55+ Mixed, 60+ & 65+ Age Divisions. The annual event was a fund raiser for Kailua Canoe Club.

Kailua Bay Ironman Challenge 2011
Long Course 13.5 miles
1. Team Primo: Will Reichenstein, Kai Bartlett, Jimmy Austin, Scott Gamble, Scott
Hendricks, Kekoa Cramer. 1:54:53, 2. Healani 1: 2:01:29, 3. Lanikai 1: 2:02:33
Short Course 9.5 miles
1. Kailua Canoe Club Novice: Jason Akamine, Max Young, Conrad Martin, Jay
Kellogg, Kainoa Young, Alan Barker. 1:15:46, 2. Kailua canoe Club 55’s: 1:17:08,
3. Kailua Canoe Club 50’s: 1:17:23.
Masters 40:
1. Lanikai CC 1:17:44, 2. Waikiki Beach Boys 1:24:38, 3. Kai Oni 1:25:59
Masters 50:
1. Kailua CC 1:17:23, 2. Lanikai CC 1:20:26, 3. Olelo O Keola 1:33:02
Masters 55:
1. Kailua CC 1:17:08, 2. Healani 1:26:21, 3. Ka Mamalahoe 1:27:20
Masters 60:
1. Waimanalo 1:21:03, 2. Keahiakahoe 1:25:28, 3. New Hope 1:35:09
Masters 65:
1. Anuenue 1:36:54, 2. New Hope 1:43:44
Mixed Masters 65:
1. Kailua CC 1:36:54
1. Kailua CC 1:15:46, 2. Lanikai 1:21:22, 3. Kailua CC 1:21:43




Upcoming Event – 2011 O’Neill Tahoe Cup High Elevation SUP/Paddleboard Race Series- TAHOE FALL CLASSIC “22 MILER”

The exciting upcoming race at Lake Tahoe is going to be a blast! The 2011 O’Neill Tahoe Cup High Elevation SUP/paddleboard race series, TAHOE FALL CLASSIC “22 MILER”, will be held on September 18, 2011. Paddlers can register at 7am and the race starts right at 8am. The beautiful scenery of Camp Richardson Marina in South Lake Tahoe, will be the setting for the event. The challenging 22 mile, point-to-point SUP and paddleboard race, begins at the Camp Richardson Marina, South Lake Tahoe and completes at the beautiful Kings Beach at State Beach. The Tahoe Cup Awards will be presented to the top men’s and women’s point champions in all three SUP board classifications. Open men’s and women’s SUP and PADDLEBOARD first, second, and third place awards will be presented in all three board classifications. This is going to be an awesome event, dont miss it!! Here is more information on the event…

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